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Great Storyteller From Wyoming

Hello, and welcome to my page! My name is Donovan Edwards and I am a locally-based author specialising in horror/supernatural fiction novels. 

          I have always had an active imagination. I guess you could say that I was a very inquisitive child. I wanted to know as much as I could about everything! There was no such thing as the internet when I was growing up so books were about the only thing I had to feed my need for knowledge and fuel my overactive imagination. I would read anything and everything I could get my little hands on. I am still that way!  

          I grew up in a tiny trailer park 21 miles north of Douglas, Wyoming. Back then we didn't have cell phones, computers, or any of the things kids have today. With not much else to do I would often roam the open fields pretending to be a prince from a far away land, or a super star playing to crowd of thousands of people; the cactus and sagebrush being my audience. I would spend all day making up songs and stories as I rambled the countryside. 

          Since then, I’ve progressed to sharing my songs and stories with a much broader audience, rather than just the cactus and sagebrush.. As a professional storyteller, I’m adept at using my imaginative thinking and creative flair to bring my stories to life in engaging and entertaining ways. 

          Like most readers if you do not catch my attention within the first two chapters I put the book down and never pick it back up. This is why i capture my readers attention right out of the gate! I also make it a point to keep their attention throughout the story! That is what a true story teller does! 

The Power Of Words

With a mastery of storytelling, you’ll experience laughs, suspense, horror, excitment, and become emotionally attached to the characters I've created. My novels are suitable for all target audiences, and packed with imagery that will effectively transport you to a superb new world. With a powerful command of tone, pacing and character development, you can be certain of one thing: a story that deserves to be read and experienced.

Anything But Boring:

You can be sure Donovan's books will not bore you! His unique ability to not only capture but keep the reader's attention from begining to end is comparable to no other. Browse through his collection of written works and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of a wonderful, well told story. "If you've enjoyed my books and you want to learn more, I welcome messages, questions and ideas for my next novel. If you still aren't convinced, get in touch - all writers have room to grow, and prolific authors are no different." Donovan


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The Denver Demon Series is a book series I would highly recomend to all of my friends!

Donovan Edwards is an imaginative writer. He captures the reader from the beginning and keeps you reading. …

William F. Bouge

I absolutely love these books!

I absolutely LOVED these books! Read them both in one sitting. Donovan's characters are one of a kind. I can't wait for the next one to come out! 

Ginger Sager


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